ADE 2017

I don’t know about you but October is the biggest month for me on the dance music industry calendar, this year will be a real treat as I get to dive a little deeper into Amsterdam Dance Event. So far on my list bunch of interviews, the conference it’s self and two festival events. Few of the guest speakers that spark my interest include; Austin Kramer from Spotify [former SiriusXM Radio PD], Arash Shirazi┬áco-founder and president of The Bullitt Agency, international speaker Bart Hufen, and Alan Simms director of Shine Nightclub longest running and most established dance music brand since 1995.

Everything I’ve mentioned only captures maybe 2% of what ADE festival has to offer, from workshops, to popup shops, art, film and so much more, it’s nearly impossible to cover the whole festival alone and enjoy the sites and sounds. I’ll tell you this though from my previous experience if you are a young producer who wants to grow your brand and get in touch with industry professionals you need to make your last minute plans to be part of ADE, just imagine you run into someone like Joris Voorn or Ten Walls on the streets and you want them to hear your stuff and give you feedback on the spot… that’s how great this festival is just ask my favourite Portuguese producer Von Di Carlo and her experience with Kryder, that’s how essential this event is.

I’m going save the rest of this for October, after ADE, until then checkout