Amsterdam Dance Event began with some much needed coffee as we touched down, first action on the list [passes & wristbands] and then off to Happy Hour with Ben Pearce, Ofenbach at Youtube Lounge. Although I really had my heart set on starting the week at the YouTube Masterclass Top Video Strategies for Artists, Happy Hour was exactly what we needed to help us get into ADE mode after our 8 hour flight. Being this was the second time I was attending Amsterdam Dance Event it still felt new to me, with new venues and new hub, what I found really helpful was the ADE staff.

As happy hour concluded some much needed rest was in order before heading out to CLUB UP for Nonstop x Moan, all this not too far from our hotel and the festival hub, you could feel the energy off everyone on the streets gearing up for the weekend ahead, after a short power nap it was show time at CLUB UP, we walked in just in time for Riva Star.

Still buzzing from all the hype we enter the club and immediately get hit with the wicked sound system and the vibe of the crowed was infectious, dance music fans from all over the globe gathered in this intimate venue to hear the likes of Riva Starr, Pirupa, Oxia, and so much more. It’s every dance music fans dream to catch all these great names in one night, under one roof and ADE made it happen until 7am!

You would think that was it for us, not even close, with Stereo Productions – ADE 2017 Showcase next door to us at Van Dyck Bar I began to check set times, trying to balance my love for Techno and TechHouse. We stayed as long as possible for Riva Stars but we had to catch us some Chus & Ceballos who brought a few friends in Dennis Cruz, Secondcity, Rafa Barrios and Oscar L.

As I walked in Van Dyck Bar catching the tail end of Dennis Cruz’s set, you definitely could see the change in the culture, smashing the bass line in an absolute packed house with the walls sweating, the Stereo Family was in full effect. Over all felt like a big room party in another great intimate venue. It was really fantastic seeing the crowed vibe change from one club to the next, one thing remained for sure, everyone who attended both events absolutely loved electronic music!

By 4am jet lag was kicking my ass, even though Chus & Ceballos was smashing it, that was a wrapped for my Thursday edition of ADE 2017, it maybe all fun at night time but when the sun comes up it’s all business, loads of label meetings and artist interviews, plus planed to attend workshops. I’ll cover this in Part. 2 of my article…for now enjoy the ADE DAY 2 | 10.19.17 Photo Gallery.