The great news is the rich get richer but at least with this new deal Debset divides the riches in few parts with rightful music owners, as stated on the Debset website the current system is broken, how does a company distribute, and generate new royalties for mixes & remixes? who gets to decide who owns the original content? How can all the content owners control usage and distribution of their content in advance?

These are all valid questions that over the years has left a lot of unpaid royalties, until now… Debset inked a deal with Sony Music to start this heavy and confusing shuffle, this means Dubset’s technology will make it simple for DJs to license, distribute, and monetize their mixes & remixes. Picture this technology that provides share rights holders with new royalties, give you easy content control, and full transparency.

All of this sounds almost too good to be true, ever since Napster every one in the music industry has been trying to “Fix The System” but this might just be a step in the right direction. If a deal with major labels like Warner & Universal get secured, Dubset might just fix this broken music system by making distribution of mix & remix simple and legal.