Friday ADE started off with 4 snooze buttons, a shot of espresso, a sweet walk over the canal bridge and there I was back in the mix, in part 1. of my article I mentioned 2017 ADE had a new experience feel, with new venues and streets, this had me disoriented but with most of the event in one building things got easier, finally I arrive at DeLaMar and began looking over my schedule, few label meetings and two panel events to attend on my agenda. The snooze button didn’t help the start of my day seeing how I slept in on hearing Leanna Joseph speak.

Leanna Joseph has was part of a companies I hear great things about namely UKF & SUBSOUL, two labels we play frequently on Selekta Mix, so to hear someone who’s been a part of the brands would have made a great listen… maybe next time.

After five meetings, several coffees, a lunch and few laughs it was time for “What Do Brands and Agencies Really Want From New Artist Partnerships” followed by “W Hotels Mixes It With Mixcloud”, with no fuss I slipped in and out of these panel rooms all the while great food and drinks being served in the lobby, big shout out to Ultra Music for supplying the branded umbrella’s that saved my weekend

Even though my jet lag was in full effect, I didn’t care… more coffee please!

Walked over to our hotel, share some few stories, made calls and planed out the rest of the evening with the crew who had just returned from checking out “In The Studio With: Joris Voorn” -and- “Studio XL: Oliver Heldens”… Two take away points from our conversation about the Oliver Helden’s session, he compared “Mastering to Sausages”… how I wish I was in the room for this one! And how I’m not the only person who runs Windows OS on a Macbook Pro!


Many thanks to Sichuan Restaurant for fantastic Cantonese food in Amsterdam, over dinner we made bets on who’s going to take the DJ Mag No.1 spot, As always KP puts his chips on the money maker, the most marketable young producer in history of Dance Music, Martin Garrix! Funny enough someone at the table said “Marshmello would make top 5” I gasped for air from laughing so hard.

We head over to DJ MAG HQ inside Nova Club for some Erick Morillo & Detlef action, this was a Free party but getting in was not so easy, lucky for us the crew signed up for guest-list few days back, DJ Mag & Nova Club put on an outstanding show inside another intimate venue.


Check out the DJ Mag live feed from inside the Nova Club below, and here are a few more shots for ADE Day 3. | 10.20.17 Photo Gallery of my shenanigans in Amsterdam… more to come in part. 3 of my ADE 2017 coverage.